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The Dark Side

I appreciate your taking the time to drop by and visit our "What's Up" web site. These electronic pages and information are dedicated to you.

My professional life has included most all aspects of horticulture. I look forward to sharing practical procedures of gardening, including ... the logistics of botany, which is the 'why' of plants ... and of horticulture, which is the 'how' of growing plants.

Boring or redundant this web site will not be. The scope of horticulture is vast, and ever coalescing, thereby increasing opportunities to provide form and function to your home and garden.

Desire and imagination are keys to achievement; whether a single potted plant or twenty thousand square feet of greenhouse crops, I'11 inform you of the way it is.

Diversification will be the operative goal for the millennium; cottage crafts to do with garden decor, small home growers who specialize in mixed crops, to growers who will specialize in containerized outdoor arbor culture.

During our time online, look forward to information from gardens to greenhouses, floriculture to fertilizers, pests to pathology, and watering to being well-advised!

There are no limits. I will introduce subject matter where applicable, and the obligatory graphics with texts enough to solve problems and perhaps create new ones.

Take care,

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