Lawns - Weed and Feed

Hi Stan;

I have a cottage care business and I have wrecked a customer's lawn. I used Weed & Feed and it now has yellow, dead patches all over. How do I fix this?


Linda - I suspect that the reason the spots are showing is due to the application method and equipment used. Most of the dry applicator spreaders do not spread evenly, and in fact skip whole areas. If the operator stops for any reason the pellets keep dribbling out the bottom to create many times more the toxic effect on the grass. If the lawn was sprayed with a pre- mix fertilizer/ herbicide, the same applies. So now what? The best course to follow is a general and deep lawn soak with water. The grass will grow into the dead bits and you may consider a over-seeding to even up the turf. There is lots of time for new growth, and next time apply a slow release fertilizer sans any herbicide. The seasonal over-seeding will choke out any weeds during the active growth.

Let me know the results.